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Wise advice from SACARE resident Nick Benwell

Every couple of months SACARE resident Nick Benwell speaks in front of high school students at hospitals talking about high risk as part of the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth (PARTY) program.

The PARTY program is a trauma prevention and health promotion initiative that seeks to build resilience in young people through the lived experience of a major trauma service to gain insight into the consequences of traumatic injury.

Nick, 35, spoke about the motorcycle accident he had 5 years ago that lead him to become a quadriplegic. Nick’s story is a powerful one, and at the Lyell McEwin hospital, he certainly conveyed a strong message to the kids...

“Do you miss motor cycling?” Asked one of the high school students.

“Yeah, I miss it, but I can feel like I can live without it.” Said Nick

“Do you miss anything else other than motor cycling?” Asked another high school student.

“I miss being able to take a shower by myself, and getting dressed without the hassle. It takes me 4 hours to get ready in the morning. I miss the simple things. Waterskiing, motor biking, these things I don’t mind if I won’t be able to ever do ever again.”

“My advice to you is to live life but to do everything as safely as possible. Appreciate life and what you’ve got. Protect it as much as you can because you never know what could happen.”

Nick, it must not be easy to talk about the accident that changed your life forever, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your story and message to our South Aussie kids!

Nick Benwell talking about his accident at the Lyell McEwin Hospital as part of the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth (PARTY)