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Thanks for the Flu Shots Healthcare Australia!

This week Healthcare Australia offered free flu shots to all of our clients living in supported independent living accommodation. We were really lucky to be offered these shots, as flu jab stocks have been low this year. Sadly flu injections have a shelf life, and many companies end up throwing out unused stock. Fortunately, rather than throw their spares away, Healthcare Australia choose to offer their supplies to people who in the community who may need them. Which included SACARE clients. As an awesome added bonus, they even came an administered them free of charge!

(Sam, Klade and Shane prove that a jab is nothing to be worried about, especially when Katina administers them!)

After a super busy season, with a high demand for flu shots HCA have delivered over 17,000 shots nationally!

In May, Australian vaccine suppliers reported a national shortage of the 2018 Quadrivalent vaccine due to an under estimation of uptake in 2018. In 2017, those hit hardest were aged care facilities and those living in closed environments with multiple residents. Now that most corporate flu vaccination programs have come to a close, there is still a vaccine shortage at GP clinics and pharmacies around the country- so we are grateful that Healthcare Australia were willing to share!

Thank you to Healthcare Australia's National Manager of Corporate Health, Stacy McKenzie who partnered with SACARE’s General Manager of Client Relations, Chloe Kempe to facilitate the donation of stock to SACARE residents.

For more details about Healthcare Australia, visit their website here: