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SACARE and Suntrix Collaboration

SACARE has always been at the forefront of the disability care industry in Australia and internationally and have always challenged and exceeded expectations on what is considered quality care and accommodation options to our participants. SACARE has a new goal, and that is to bring green technology to supported independent living facilities amongst the Adelaide metropolitan area.“We’re excited to announce that this goal will be achieved by installing Suntrix solar systems and battery storage across five of our supported independent living facilities to not only provide clean and affordable energy but also to provide lifesaving continuous power supply for complex care needs.” Alex Marshall, Technology, Projects and Accommodation Development Manager.

SACARE thoroughly compared offerings from South Australia’s best solar and battery providers and found that Suntrix was best aligned with their company values, goals and future growth plans. “We are excited to work with another great South Australian company.” Said Alex Marshall. Suntrix is Australia’s most awarded solar energy companies, winning their most recent award in Solar Design and Installation by the Clean Energy Council in 2017. The SACARE directors met with Suntrix Managing Director Jenny Paradiso, who won Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year in 2016 at the state-of-the-art supported independent living Tolley House in Hope Valley last week to commemorate the project.

Suntrix are thrilled to be partnering with SACARE to help reduce their carbon footprint and decrease their energy costs. This is what we love -making a positive difference to people’s lives by providing a better and cleaner energy future. We look forward to supporting SACARE with their solar journey, every step of the way.”- Jenny Paradiso, Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year 2016 and I Choose SA ambassador.

Stage one is the rollout of $236,000 of solar to all sites and stage two will be the installation of battery storage. Solar will bring the clean and cheap energy that SACARE requires, however it will not guarantee constant power supply to our clients that they so desperately need. SACARE’s clients have some of the most complex care needs of people living in the community right now. Many have ventilators (to assist with breathing), air mattresses, electric chairs, automatic doors, need for constant room temperature (aircon) and many other electric devices to assist in mobility and independence. Some of these are independence gains but many focused on essential lifesaving services and hence SACARE’s need to ensure constant power supply in their homes - the Tesla Powerwall will help deliver this solution during stage two of the project.

SACARE has some significant growth plans and in 2018 alone will be investing $9m and opening another world-class healthcare facility in Salisbury South Australia, “The Gums”. This will bring approximately 80 jobs and another opportunity to partner with Suntrix and Tesla for a large solar and battery installation and remain leaders in care, housing, technology and green energy. Read more about The Gums rehabilitation centre here.

Visit the Suntrix website.


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Tim Prowse (CEO, SACARE), Jenny Paradiso (Director, Suntrix), Chloe Kempe (General Manager of Client Relations and Service Delivery), and Alex Marshall (Technology, Projects and Accommodation Development Manager) outside one of SACARE's facilities, Tolley House in Hope Valley.