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My (Dis)Abilities – A Book about Sharing Experiences!

A few months ago, Terri Mak, a client of SACARE informed us about a book project that she was working on called My (Dis)Abilities. The book project is a collaborative project which will share the stories of dozens of people living with disabilities living around South Australia.

The My (Dis)Abilities book project has been created to share first hand stories and experiences of those living with a disability.The vision of the book is ‘To encourage people with a disability, and to increase the knowledge and understanding of disability in the community’.

Each chapter will be written as a personal account from each of the participants, and will include chapters by two SACARE Clients; Terri Mak, and our renowned resident blogger Alice Waterman!

As a part of this process, the book creators also entered a short film about book project into the ‘Focus on Ability’ film competition. Please give the video a view below and be sure to vote for them. If they are to win, their prizes would go straight back into funding the book project.


A little bit about our two authors…

Terri Mak

Terri’s Journey with a disability began in 2013 when she was involved in a car accident. At the time she was doing a solo trip of Australia. Terri is now tetraplegic after she sustained a spinal cord injury.

The ever-positive Terri has learned adjust to her ‘second-life’ (which is what she coined her post-injury life). Facing difficulties have been inevitable when learning to live with an acquired injury, but especially when trying to lead a normal life in a wheelchair, in a world that is rarely wheelchair accessible. Terri’s part in the book project is a part of highlighting and expressing these problems.

Terri was very excited to take part in the book project, after her friend John shared the idea with her in 2017. Terri is now one of the driving forces behind the book project and has helped to get it where it is today. She is not only using this book to share her journey, but is also using the time as a way to reflect and use the writing as a form of therapy; a way to increase awareness and encourage the disability community. She has also learnt a host of new valuable skills such as how to use new internet software to help build websites, run projects and a bit about different marketing strategies.

If you would like to learn a bit more about Terri or keep up to date with her life, check out her website here:


Alice Waterman

When Alice was 2 years old she contracted a virus which made her quite sick. Alice is now 24 and lives in supported accommodation with SACARE. Alice has faced challenges in her life, but has remained a sunny beam of positivity. Although she is non-verbal, Alice is able to communicate through the use of her phone, gestures and most importantly her facial expressions. Alice lives life to the fullest. She’s always out and about seeing movies, musicals and live shows. She also works twice a week at Blend Creative. Alice has written and made a series of awesome blogs and videos for SACARE, if you would like to see them head here.

By being a part of this book project Alice is excited to work on her general writing and communication skills. Her main goal for the book project was to learn a new way to express and share her experience as a person with a disability. She believes that this story can give hope to others who are in a similar condition to her.

Alice has enjoyed doing this project because she has grown, learnt a lot about herself and others with a disability.


If you would like to keep up to date with the progress of the my disabilities book, have a look at their website here.


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