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Alice Waterman: My Job and Tips for Others Who Are Looking For Work

Continuing with the theme of Careers for February, we are looking into all things work!
This includes our participants who work for a living. At sacare we believe in the importance of our participants having their own space to live their own independent lives.

One in 5 Australians have some form of disability and there are 2.1 million Australians with a disability who are also of working age. Of these about 1 million people are employed with just over 100,000 actively looking for work*. Although it has been found that people with a disability aged between 18-24 are 10 times more likely to face discrimination in the workplace. (*Statistics taken from The Australian Network on Disability.)           

This is a worrying amount when you consider exactly how many people there are employed within Australia.

But what about the 1.1 million that aren’t? Why aren’t they?
Are workers not being given the motivation they need to apply, are they being deterred by discrimination?
Are employers not inclusive enough?

There are awesome companies like Blend Creative that are working hard to create jobs and inclusive spaces. More companies need to take a leaf out of their book and embrace work place diversity. If you would like to learn a bit more about what Blend do, read our blog here.

Briarholm resident, and our in-house blogger Alice Waterman works for Blend Creative. Alice in an expert on having a career with having a disability, and lucky for us, Alice is here to share her experience and tips about employment.

(Alice and the team from Blend Creative, at the Blend launch event).

My Job and Tips for Others Who Are Looking For Work
By Alice Waterman

I found my job at Blend Creative by doing my work placement when I was in high school. I did my placement when I was in year 10 and just after I graduated from high school I started officially working there.

I like working at Blend Creative because of the people who work there. I feel confident going to work, because of my workmates. I think that it’s important for people who have a disability to have a job because it allows them to get outside of their house and meet new people. Plus when you have a job you learn new things which can help in everyday life.

A way someone could find a job is to do something that you are interested in for example; gardening, drama or design. I would recommend doing a work placement at the company to see if you like working there. You could also do personality quizzes to see which areas you should be working in, and what suits your personality.

For my final point, I would like to say having a job gives me a great reason to get out of bed in the morning. I love being able to earn my own money and meet new people.

At sacare, we support our participants to live their best life they possibly can. We do this from our incredible support team in the community and supported independent living and also through the THRIVE program. To learn more about THRIVE and how you can set and achieve meaningful goals, such as working in the community, click here.

If you would like to find out a little bit more about the types of support we can provide in your own home, why not have a look at our full list of services here