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Alex Killey Wins Brain Injury SA's "Service Excellence Award"

Congratulations to Alex Killey, SACARE's Manager of Social and Behavioural Therapies for winning the "Service Excellence Award" at the Brain Injury Awareness Week Launch at Adelaide Oval, August 20, 2018.

These awards are given to people nominated for their for exceptional achievement, commitment and outstanding support to people with Acquired Brain Injury.

Alex not only runs a range of successful social wellbeing and behavioural support programs for clients at SACARE, including art, hydrotherapy and meditation, she has developed an evidence-based THRIVE Program that supports participants to reduce behaviours of concern through meaningful goals. 

It is Alex’s vibrancy and passion for her clients that puts her a cut above many. Her infectious and positive attitude and drive to see clients thrive in life, has seen clients reduce their behaviours of concern by 75% in just a few months.

At SACARE we offer wellbeing services individually tailored to the participant’s choice. These THRIVE programs use recreational activity, counselling and holistic therapies as a therapeutic tool to engage participants into the community. THRIVE programs are individualised and we support participants to set meaningful goals that use their strengths and values to improve their emotional wellbeing and increase capabilities. They use a multidisciplinary approach that includes families, friends, speech therapist, physiotherapist and occupational therapists to have the best outcome and continued support for the participants.

We will be releasing more about SACARE's THRIVE Program soon. If you would like to get involved with the THRIVE Program, please contact

Brain Injury SA are a dynamic organisation that empowers and supports people living with an ABI, and we deliver specialist services and programs to see them achieve their very best. Read more about the incredible organistaion here.

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(SACARE Team members, Milly Toovey, Emily Woolford, Alex Killey and Chloe Kempe at the Brain Injury Awareness Week Launch at the Adelaide Oval 20 August 2018. Photo credit: Catherine Leo Photography)