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Achieving Goals: Alice's Adventure at TAFE

At SACARE, we're always encouraging our clients to set and reach their goals to reach their fullest potential. Getting Clients to take advantage of their lives and identifying their strengths, interests, opportunities and challenges are key to setting goals.

Achieving goals is a process, and like every process sometimes you take two steps forward and three steps back. Sometimes goals will be successful and sometimes they won’t. Being honest with yourself, and learning from the choices you made along the journey are a vital parts of achieving goals.

One of our clients, Alice, has not only completed a TAFE course, but reached her goal of presenting a speech about her experience. A big congratulations to Alice, who has just completed her Women’s Studies and Education and Skills Development course. We understand that setting goals and following through in achieving them can be an uphill challenge for anyone, let alone someone with a disability. Alice is a great example of what can be achieved when you have perseverance, support and a curious mind. As SACARE's Lifestyle Coordinator, I look forward to working with Alice as she sets new challenging goals on how she will use her strength and grit to make them come true.

Alex Killey Lifestyle Coordinator

Ten things that I learned from going to TAFE

By Alice Waterman
  1. My first thing that I learned was that you get to meet lots of interesting people.
  2. The second thing that I learned by going to TAFE that I got better at my English and maths.
  3. Third thing that I learned was that all of the teachers at TAFE are willing to help you achieve the best mark that you can get.
  4. My fourth thing is that I have learned lots of very interesting information that I didn't know before.
  5. The fifth thing that I learned at TAFE, is that it's never too late to study something.
  6. My sixth thing that I learned at TAFE is that you can achieve anything you want if you put mind to it.
  7. The seventh thing that I learned by going to TAFE, is that I have made two new friends.
  8. My eighth thing that I have learned by going to TAFE, is that I have become better at my speeches.
  9. My ninth thing that I have learned, is that you can study anything at TAFE.
  10. For my final point, I would like to say that TAFE opens new doors in life.
I gave my speech at TAFE and I think that I did very well.
I think that everyone loved my speech.
I would like to say to anyone who doesn't like giving a speech, just don't think about it too much and everything will go great.