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In-Home Care Takes a New Holistic Approach in SA

8 Reasons Why sacare is Revolutionising In-Home Care

The 2020 rollercoaster is officially in our past which calls for fresh energy, big changes, and creative thinking to take home support to new heights this year.

At sacare, we offer a holistic suite of multi-disciplinary services that are helping clients reach their functional and meaningful goals at home and in the community.

  1. Allied health is incorporated
    Aside from sacare's traditional home services such as daily living activities, participants can have access to occupational therapy and physiotherapy which can help achieve functional goals at home, from getting out of bed, to cooking your own meals. This is part of the THRIVE Services, click here for more details. 

    “Tammie my OT is amazing, she’s helping me achieve goals that I didn’t think were possible. One of my goals was to cook healthier meals using my own veggies, I now have a huge veggie garden thanks to Tammie.” – David, OT Participant
    Image caption: David, an sacare community with Tammie, sacare's senior Occupational Therapist at David's herb garden.

  2. Clinical Nursing team oversee services
    sacare understands that some clients have more complex needs and require clinical procedures that go beyond regular daily living activities, such as wound care, continence and catheter management. Our registered nurses work with support workers to continuously upskill.

    “We run training sessions at our head office and in our client’s homes, and we create the education modules themselves. We act as a support team for the community clients and love to drop in regularly to see them and their families.” – Clinical Nursing Team

    Image caption: Klade, sacare's Manager of Clinical Services is training support workers on medication management.

  3. Access to world-class facilities
    All community clients who participate in occupational therapy or physiotherapy have free access to The Gums, which includes a gymnasium, hydrotherapy pool and sensory gardens. Read more about The Gums here. 
    Image caption: Nick utilising the hydrotherapy pool at The Gums. 

  4. Wellbeing is looked after 
    The team understands that meaningful goals and fulfilling your wellbeing is just as important as functional goals, or in some cases, even more important! Which is why we incorporate Life Goal Mentors through the Social and Community participation service. The team is dedicated to helping you discover your meaningful goals and finding solutions to achieve them.

    Image caption: The Japanese Garden as part of the Sensory Gardens at The Gums, Salisbury enhancing wellbeing. 

  5. Choose support workers online
    We understand that sometimes it’s important to have your own control on which support workers you want to work with, which is why we'll be launching mid-2021 an online platform where clients can discover support workers in their area suited for their needs.

    Image caption: Clients in the community will be able to access a website that showcases all sacare support workers in the community. 

  6. Access to a mobile case manager
    Ever get stuck in wondering if your care plan is up to date? We understand that as every month or year that goes by, your needs may change which is why they have a case manager available to come to your home whenever you need it. Read more about sacare's case manager here. 

  7. 24/7 Service Coordination 
    As part of sacare's complimentary services, we have a service coordination team available to assist your requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team will take care of your roster so you can sit back, relax and know that your support workers will be there for you whenever you need it.
    Image caption: Some of sacare's fantastic Service Coordinators

  8. Have fun!
    sacare's home support and services are driven by a strong set of values which are embed into every one of our 500+ employees. One of our values is, “if it’s not fun, don’t come”, which basically means, the team will add fun into whatever aspect they can.

    Image caption: Some of sacare's team at head office. 

For more information on how you can become part of the vibrant sacare community, read more about the services here, or contact us!