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4 Reasons Why Becoming a Disability Support Worker Is A Great Career Move

Are you looking for a career that brings a little more purpose to your life?
Do you love to bring joy and happiness to other people's lives?
Have you ever considered becoming a Disability Support Worker?

Although at times it can be a tough job, there are dozens of reasons why becoming a Support Worker may be the best career change you’ve ever made.

We’ve put together a list of what we think are the best reasons to become a Support Worker!

1.The perfect job for parents and caregivers
Are you naturally a caring soul and looking for a job with flexibility? We have found some of the best Support Workers are Mums, Dads and parents! Many find that once their kids reach school age they would like to pick up a little bit of work. Support Work is flexible, and at sacare we can work with you to create a roster that works around school pickups.

2. You’ll Meet all Kinds of Different People and Learn from Them
As a disability support worker, you’ll work closely with the participants. Not only can you help with the daily basics such as cooking, shopping and personal care, but also you build a social connection. Sometimes what human’s need is a kind person to chat to, and that feeling can be so rewarding… and you might even learn something new.

3. Support Work can give you the warm fuzzies, often!
There is no greater joy than watching someone’s independence and confidence grow! With the right Support Workers, people with disabilities can come out of their shell and become more confident to live their lives. A special Support Worker can bring joy and happiness daily, and this positivity can have a knock-on effect… seeing someone grow and enjoy life more definitely gives you the good feelings! 

4. More than your Normal 9-5
Working as a support worker is great for people that love being hands-on. It's a job that keeps you busy. Every day can be different, so being flexible and having strong problem-solving skills are almost a necessity. If this sounds like you, maybe Support Work is your calling!

It sounds like you, but where do you start?
You can find a list of all the current sacare job listings here.
Hopefully one of these looks like the job for you- we’d love for you to join the team!