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Liz Basic HR Manager
Lachie Marshall
Lachie Marshall Board Member
Klade Thomas General Manager - Clinical & Therapeutic Services
John Gilligan Mental Health Nurse
Geoffrey Sam OAM
Geoffrey Sam OAM Board Member
Alex Killey Business Development Manager
Sharon Bristow
Sharon Bristow








What our community is saying.

"My family are so pleased to see my brother at Barton House. We have personalised his room with all of his prized football memorabilia, photos and pet fish. He seems comfortable in his home and I am more than happy with the level of care that he is receiving. My family and I have been made very welcome and our needs and my brother's needs have always been fully met."

— Boris | Brother of Resident at Barton

“I am a resident at Kingswood and I like SACARE because the people are very nice and they are willing to help you and they let you feel like you are part of the SACARE community.”

— Alice | Resident at Briarholm

"I've been a client with SACARE for a bit over 3 years now and recently just moved house. This was a situation I was most worried about, organising new support workers in a new environment with the pressures of studying, although the team at SACARE did a wonderful job, the support workers and I gelled quite quickly and the process ended up being a breeze."

— Ben | Community Client

"I became a client of sacare after "interviewing" several providers and in the end, sacare stood out and had the capacity to provide the support I needed. I have always found the coordinators willing to listen to my needs and concerns regardless of how petty, small or complex they have been."

— David | Community Client

"SACARE was the best choice I made in my career, as they are a company who look after their own, who encourage growth and offer opportunities to expand and succeed."

— Deb | Manager, The Gums

"We are very pleased with the support workers we have at present. They are excellent at their work and very caring and compassionate, also very understanding. They come with a special package, including a sense of humour, we all can have a good laugh! Above all, the support workers we have, know Domenic's routine well and it's done professionally, with a touch of humor. That's exactly what we are looking for."

— Franca | Mother of Community Client

SACARE is and always will be apart of my life to support me in my daily living. I have seen staff come and go, but this is life. It's always great to meet new staff to have fresh ideas so we don't get stale. I need to thank you for your support for the last ten years.

— Heather | Community Client

"We’ve had a great experience with SACARE. For us to be able to find the right fit for my husband Sandy was very important, and the staff are always approachable and very willing to listen. I feel like we are well informed and really involved in the decision making of Sandy’s care, and our opinion is always heard and valued.”

— Julie | Wife of Community Client

"I just love the fact that I have my SACARE support workers here with me, we have so much fun. They support me at home, and when we’re out they’re helping me, but they’re also on board with whatever we get up to – they make it fun and fabulous."

— Lucy | Community Client

“So proud to have met the people behind SACARE, and truly honoured to work with them on their videos. To be honest, they just have a lot right in their organisation. Perhaps it is because they are family run, or maybe they just care more than most, but whatever it is, they are an organisation I'd trust with my life and that of my loved ones.” - Founder of Give Media

— Mike | Videographer

"I have been a resident in Tolley House since 2013 after being paralysed in a motorbike accident the previous year. The facilities and living environment they provide are fantastic and excel anything I ever thought could be available for someone in my position. I'm so grateful for this company being there to support me as much as they do. They make living with this condition a whole lot easier."

— Nick | Resident at Tolley

“The favourite part of my days is seeing my clients smile and laugh. I love to come to work and lift people spirts. I enjoy being able to help my clients maintain their independence and achieve their own goals, be they big or small.”

— Robert | Support Worker

"I knew from the moment I walked in to the interview on a Monday morning and was surrounded by such a happy, bubbly team that this was the place for me. I feel like the support I have around me lets me do the best possible job for my clients and it’s just really lovely to come to work every day."

— Samantha | Service Coordinator
Boris | Brother of Resident at Barton
Alice | Resident at Briarholm
Ben | Community Client
David | Community Client
Deb | Manager, The Gums
Franca | Mother of Community Client
Heather | Community Client
Julie | Wife of Community Client
Lucy | Community Client
Mike | Videographer
Nick | Resident at Tolley
Robert | Support Worker
Samantha | Service Coordinator

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