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A Message from CEO Chloe Kempe

Welcome to the second quarter of 2021 and my first communication as CEO.

I am proud and excited to be given the opportunity to step into the role of CEO of our family business.  To many of you I am a familiar face from my past 14 years in different roles within the organisation and look forward to continuing working with you.  For those of you I have not met, I look forward to meeting you over the coming months.  I would like to thank the entire sacare team, the Board and my family for their support during the first quarter of my transition.

Prior to officially beginning with sacare, I watched from the sidelines while my parents built the business from a small boarding house in 1995 to what it is today. I have had the privilege of working across nearly all areas of the business from being a support worker, developing the marketing and human resources teams and leading the service delivery team.  Each experience has given me the opportunity to work closely with our wonderful clients and hard working staff and provided me with an indepth understanding of the importance of the services we are delivering every day.

The memories I have made with our staff and clients over these years are part of the reason I am so passionate and committed to ensuring that the individuals we support feel empowered. My desire to work with the team to create a life our clients want to live is instrumental to our success. This passion is driven by our company’s vision… “to empower lives beyond disability”.

For the majority of us, 2020 threw unexpected challenges, but in many cases, also provided us with the opportunity to reflect, spend time with our friends and family and reconsider the pace that we have been living our lives.

Providing continuity of services and emotional support to our vulnerable clients has been our priority throughout the pandemic. I am proud to observe the work that our team executes daily to ensure everyone’s health is paramount.  From each support worker, to our registered nurses, co-ordinators, clinicians and head office team, the teamwork I have witnessed has been exemplary.

The services we provide at sacare come with a reputation of excellence and my commitment is to continue to build on this reputation. This includes implementing additional services that are consistently asked for, but not delivered within our sector.  My role is to continue my parents undeniable commitment to challenge the status quo, to drive change within the sector to meet our clients expectation, and not satisfy the conservative mindset of excessive political correctness. The values of our organisation have built the foundations and lead our decision making.  Ensuring that people remain the centre of everything we do and bringing an element of fun to our day to day lives is what is essential.

Creating a vibrant culture for our staff and clients is important to myself, our leadership team and our family. We sadly had to postpone all of our planned events in 2020, but with the COVID vaccine rolling out and South Australia leading the way in events for 2021, we have some exciting events planned for our clients and team.  Please keep an eye on your inbox to get the latest updates and events to keep us all connected.

An integral part of the sacare connection is our ability to story tell, share and celebrate. I love hearing the stories and experiences that our team and clients share with me.  Every individual has a story to tell that contributes to how we provide service at sacare.  Diversity of culture, life experience and personal choice is instrumental to the success of our business. 

Finally, I’d like to include that feedback from our sacare community is what drives our innovation. If you have experiences to share about our team or services,  I invite you to connect with me directly. My door is always open to you.

I am looking forward to the experiences, challenges and celebrations 2021 is going to provide both personally and professionally. 

Kindest regards.
Chief Executive Officer