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6 Unique Accessible Activities in Adelaide

At sacare, we know what it can be like trying to find activities that are fun AND accessible. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration, and coming up with new ideas a little exhausting... so we're here to help!

We've put in the research (and also had some help through our social pages) to create a list of the 6 unique accessible activities to do all year round in Adelaide:

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1. Dolphin Cruises

Something unique to Port Adelaide is a dolphin cruise on the Port River. Relax as you drift along the canal, hopefully spotting some dolphins on the way. The cruise leaves from the warf at the end of Commercial Road and is completely disability-friendly.

Thanks to our Facebook friend Mel Vesey for this suggestion!
You can find out more about the Dolphin Cruise here.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been becoming more and more popular in recent years. There are numerous locations across Adelaide where you can spend hours playing and getting lost in other universes.
Virtual Reality Adelaide lists that it is fully accessible and an NDIS provider too, click here for more.

3. Escape Rooms

Similar to VR, Escape Rooms have been popping up all over Adelaide. The idea of these activities is to solve a series of puzzles and follow clues to escape a room under a certain time. Escape Rooms can be great as a group activity, as they challenge a group to work together to solve the puzzle to escape! There's a bunch of locations across Adelaide and most say they’re accessible, but ask to call ahead if access needs to be considered.

Here's a list with some of Adelaide's Best escape rooms.

4. The Adelaide Zoo

Zoos are designed with accessibility for wheelchairs and prams in mind. Adelaide Zoo, in particular, offers a next-level experience for those in wheelchairs with low interactive touch screens, also ramps and handrails throughout. They have even recently opened the ‘nature’s playground’ a socially inclusive space for people of all ages. The playground specially caters for wheelchair accessibility and has play opportunities for children with physical, sensory, cognitive and intellectual disabilities. The area also has brand new disability-friendly toilets.

For more information about ticketing prices and parking click here.

5. A Maze

This one isn’t exactly in Adelaide… but we thought it deserved a mention!
 The Mintaro Maze is located about two hours out of Adelaide and offers hours of entertainment with their large ‘living’ maze. The maze itself is made up from manicured hedges and offers wide space and solid ground, so a wheelchair can easily navigate around. You can even bring a packed lunch and have a picnic on their gorgeous grounds.

To find out a little more, try their website.

6. Museums and Art Galleries

Australia is home to some amazing museums and art galleries. Most museums in Australia are inclusive spaces and have been designed to support access for everyone. Here in Adelaide, we are spoilt with the amazing Art Gallery and Museum of South Australia. Set among the gorgeous old buildings on North Terrace in the Adelaide CBD, both buildings have the facilities to accommodate wheelchair accessibility.

For a full list of Museums and galleries in the Adelaide CBD, follow this link.

Last year the South Australian Museum also added a new experience called ‘The Shadow Initiation’, which is described as 'part-escape room, part-scavenger hunt, part behind-the-scenes Museum tour'.

A completely new way to experience one of North Terrace’s most iconic buildings, find out more details here. 

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