Find Specialist Disability Accommodation Services for Students at SACARE

The university years are years of peak freedom and opportunity for many students. So much growth happens in these years, and not just regarding education. Students also forge paths of self-discovery and independence that shape who they want to be and how they want to spend their lives. For students with disabilities, though, the freedom and independence that creates this self-discovery and actualisation is more difficult to achieve. At SACARE, we provide accommodations for students with disabilities, largely to do our part to give these students the university years they deserve.

The Care and Support You Need; The Independence You Want

At SACARE, we approach disability differently. On the one hand, we provide innovative and beneficial care for people with disabilities. We can respond to complex needs and address them in ways that grant our residents the care and support they need to stay healthy and succeed in their day to day lives.

At the same time, we understand that many of our residents still want to feel independent. They want to go about their lives without feeling like they must rely on other people for help. The type of care we provide at SACARE is classified as ‘supported independent living.’ The concept—and our execution of it—has made SACARE an award-winning disability service provider.

The concept of supported independent living has also made us a popular choice among students and young professionals. These individuals are ambitious and goal driven. They want to achieve based on their talents, skills, and intelligence. They want to go to university and discover who they are. They want to be able to flourish in the professional world. They want to become successful. They do not want to be defined by their disabilities.

Our disability accommodation services are designed in part to meet these desires. We understand that many of our guests want to live life as independently as possible. We also understand that full independence isn’t always workable. As such, we strive to achieve a balancing act, where we are working with each resident to provide the necessary levels of care, but also giving them the space they need to thrive on their own terms.

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Living away from home for the first time can be an extremely liberating and developmentally crucial stage in anyone’s life. No one should miss out on this important rite of passage, disability or not. If you are a student and you are attending university in or near the Adelaide metropolitan area, then SACARE might be the right option for you.

Our options for disability accommodation are not only available to students. On the contrary, we welcome individuals of all ages at our supported independent living centres. However, because we offer an independent living option in the Adelaide metropolitan area, we tend to be an attractive option for students with disabilities.

Are you interested in learning more about SACARE and our numerous state of the art independent living facilities? Please get in touch with us today.