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What we can all learn from the Paralympics

As the 2022 Winter Paralympics has just finished, I have been reflecting on all the amazing achievements made by all the athletes. 


Here are a few things I think we can all learn from the Paralympics and our Paralympians: 

  • Never let a disability hold you back from achieving your goals
  • Whether you have a disability or not, you can do anything with the right support
  • Be kind to others, even if you are competitors
  • Live a healthy life to the best of your abilities 
  • How different countries/people approach disability support 
  • Keep your family and teammates by your side 
  • Paralympians are just as special as Olympians 
  • Help those living with disabilities feel like they are a part of the community 
  • People living with disabilities can have a very normal lifestyle 
  • Sports can make you feel better and happier 
  • Stop people from bullying those living with disabilities
  • Provide more care for young people living with disabilities 
  • Create more accessible locations within the community 


There are so many take-aways from this year’s winter Paralympics. The main thing I learnt is that a person living with a disability can achieve great goals and live successful lives just like any other young person in the community and the world. 


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