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New accommodation: Eutopia Rise!

There is a new SACARE accommodation that's recently opened up in Kilburn and we're loving the vibe! Whilst it still is in the process of getting renovations, a new garden, and of course a barbecue, the 5 residents who previously came from Clifford House are already settling in quite nicely (including a 11 week old pug who belongs to Alyson, the accommodation manager!). What's the best part of the accommodation? The name - Eutopia Rise!

Paul Beaven, a Support Worker at SACARE who recently just won the award "Support Worker of the Year for Supported Independent Living", explained the naming process, "We wanted to create a fun naming process for everyone here at Kilburn. We started by putting "Happy" in the thesaurus and went from there! Things got a bit silly, we added fun and humour into the naming process, one of the guys thought “Bum Rise” would be funny, so we imagined a huge bum at the entrance of the driveway. Obviously we didn't go for this, but what a great laugh we had... I think laughter is the best medicine! It was John who came up with the name "Eutopia". John is a very intelligent and knowledgeable guy, he is always reading and knows a lot on a bit of everything. He’s very good at saying the right things at the right time.

"I chose Eutopia because that's how I felt at that time... Perfect! Eutopia Rise is a good place! I really like Eutopia Rise because I'm feeling more independent and can have really good one on one support when I need it."
- John, resident at Eutopia Rise (pictured in the main photo with his Support Worker Paul)

As our values say, "Our clients are the centre of everything we do..." 
We wish everyone at Eutopia Rise a smooth and happy time settling in and look forward to the house warming!


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