How SACARE Offers Optimal Independent Living and Home Living Options and Support for Individuals with Disabilities

At SACARE, we believe that every person should have the option for independent living. Our slogan is ‘the difference in disability,’ and we chose that phrase because we carry a unique belief that individuals with disabilities can live independent lives. From education to work to travel to living at home, these people can live any lives they choose. Our job is to provide the support that makes those lives a possibility.

Our Mission and the Independent Living Options We Provide

SACARE was born in 1999, launched as a family owned and operated venture. Because of our strong family values and our clinical expertise, we wanted to open the door for people with disabilities to live more independent, more fulfilling lives.

This mission led us to offer an array of independent living options that make us unique from other businesses like us. Most disability support businesses offer one of two services. Either they offer in-home care, or they offer facility care. They can rarely offer their patients both options.

Providing both options was crucial to us at SACARE. We wanted to offer high quality home care options, for those still interested in independent home living. We also wanted to offer facility care that didn’t feel as clinical as many assisted living care facilities. Our business today reflects these two goals and how we have achieved them. On the one hand, we do offer in-home care, working closely with disabled individuals and their families to developed Personal Care Plans that address their needs.

On the other hand, we operate four state-of-the-art facilities that we refer to as ‘supported independent living’ facilities. These facilities offer disability housing in the Adelaide metropolitan area, but make those accommodations feel like home. They come with cutting-edge assistive technology designed to provide independent living support. While these facilities are overseen by healthcare professionals who provide 24/7 oversight and care, many of the residents within them live very independent lives.

In addition to providing daily care and assistance to our patients, SACARE also offers numerous lifestyle activities designed to take our independent living services to the next level. Some of these activities help our residents and patients establish friendships and build communities. Others assist with things like budgeting and daily planning. All teach skills that can be applied in day to day life to live a more independent existence.

Learn More about Our Care Options

Have you been looking for a different kind of disability care service, either for yourself or a loved one? If so, we hope you will get in touch with us at SACARE. We thoroughly believe that independence can and should be achieved for individuals with disabilities. A disability needn’t obscure all the beauty the world has to offer, and our programs are designed to help ensure richer and fuller lives. We look forward to telling you more about our vision.