COVID-19 Head Office

Please see below positive changes we have made to staff working at Head Office: 

  • Staff are working from home, enabling the business to continue to function whilst not compromising client care
  • We have increased resources beyond our normal diligence relating to health care: increased levels of hand sanitsers, medical-grade soap, gloves, masks and surface cleaner throughout all settings.
  • We are providing daily updates to all staff, clients and families via our website at, email, telegram and social media; to keep everyone up to date with changes in circumstances and/or internal updates related to the virus.
  • We are monitoring all travel of our staff and supporting them to meet the requirements to self–isolate.
  • We have created an online program that requires all Support Workers to complete on Principles of Infection Prevention & Control – this is compulsory training and will be monitored. They also have access to the latest training on COVID-19 as provided by the Department of Health.

For anyone who has been unwell and/or has been exposed to the Coronavirus and been in contact with an SACARE staff member or client, please advise us by emailing