SACARE is a South Australian, family-owned and operated provider of unique supported accommodation and care services for people living with a complex disability. 

We have always looked inwards in the pursuit of excellence and surround ourselves with people who have distinct perspectives about how disability services can be effective and creative.

A significant part of the SACARE success story is our team. SACARE employs more than 500 local South Australians dedicated to improving the lives of clients every day. We understand the importance of providing a service ‘with’ you, rather than ‘for’ you.   

Our philosophy is that every person should have access to the very best services and accommodation, enabling them to live enriched, fulfilled and independent lives.” 
Andrew Marshall, Managing Director.

Every day we get to experience the magic of our clients reaching their goals and we are committed to support them along the way.   

We offer a range of holistic services to meet the needs of people with complex disabilities which include:

Our supported independent living is offered on a respite, long-term or permanent basis.  SACARE has reimagined the Specialist Disability Accommodation space and created homes where timeless charm meets contemporary design and function is as crucial as form.

SACARE is determined to make sure we understand what makes our clients achieve in life. We are proud to offer our award winning THRIVE Therapy Services to support people to turn those big dreams into reality through a multi-disciplinary approach to care and treatment.

We also know that providing a range of lifestyle activities designed to refresh and inspire both our clients and their support workers creates lasting positive impacts.  

All this is backed by the SACARE Quality Assurance program, guaranteeing the frequent auditing and assessment of our services and staff. We have always understood that quality care requires continuous evaluation and rigorous self-reflection.

"From the quality of staff, to service delivery,  the supported accommodation, even to the colour of paint on our walls - at no point in the organisation is there a compromise in quality. We will never stop looking to the next innovation, the latest evidence-based practice in care plan management, or ways to create new opportunities for our clients and their families to fulfil their goals in meaningful ways.

Chloe Kempe, GM Business Development and Culture.

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