Find Housing and Transitional Care Management with Supported Independent Living Services

Good transitional housing nurtures and revitalises our guests.

We take a caring and understanding approach to everyone who joins us. Our services include long-term living for those with disabilities as well as transitional living for those who are in recovery. The Gums, our state-of-the-art facility for transitional living services, is perfect for those who have suffered an injury or other change to their state of life.

Tips Regarding Supported Independent Living and Transitional Services

Transitional housing is more than just a place to stay for a while. To get the most out of this, SACARE offers several added considerations:

  • A Team That Cares – Each of our staff members is trained how to respond to numerous situations that may arise. We also hire team members who are genuinely interested in seeing our guests thrive rather than just seeing their position solely as a means to acquire a paycheck.
  • A Family to Care for Your Family – We’re a south Australian-owned business and run by a family. This keeps us invested in the community that we live in and allows us to respond with the experience and familiarity of life in Adelaide. We apply the golden rule and treat our guests how we’d want our own family treated.
  • Flexible and Personalised Service – Each guest is different, and those differences mean that giving them proper respect and care isn’t the same between any two people. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach but instead personalise the care we offer for each of our guests.

Related Services We Provide to Transitional Living

The Gums is our facility for transitional housing, but we also have facilities that are focused on long-term care. Collectively, we offer several other styles of support:

  • Clifford House provides safe living for those with mental illnesses or brain injuries and boasts 24/7 staffing coverage with senior management present to respond to any emergencies that arise.
  • Briarholm offers a variety of amenities and as much independent living as possible for our guests. This residence is outfitted for those with physical disabilities and provides a blend of communal living and private rooms.
  • Adelaide Street boasts a hybrid lifestyle with the benefits of close access to public transportation and shopping precincts as well as the security of a protected community and nearby staff.

Why Trust SACARE Regarding Transitional Care Management?

The Marshall family has operated SACARE since 1999 and have applied the lessons learned from nearly 20 years of experience. Our track record speaks for itself and explains why we have such a commitment to our guests. The blend of strong family values and clinical expertise guides our approach to business and ensures that we never forget the people whom we serve.

We are an NDIS disability service provider offering unique and flexible support options. Our facilities offer independent and supported living personalised to each of our guests. Contact us today to learn how we can support you and your family with transitional housing for as long as you need it.