After more than two decades of providing service excellence across the disability community, SACARE refreshed its brand to 'Jumper Jumper' in 2017. 

Early in the rebrand process, 'Jumper Jumper', a resin sculpture by local South Australian artist Lucy Bonnin, caught Managing Director Andrew Marshall's eye. 

'We believe that ‘Jumper Jumper’ provides the opportunity for our team to communicate our combined passions and represents our continual search for developing innovative, practical and effective accommodation options. ‘Jumper Jumper’ represents how SACARE strives to be a leader in the industry,’ he said.

‘Jumper Jumper’ also represents the ongoing encouragement and support we have for our clients to reach their full potential. 

We converted the sculpture into our new logo, which we launched on International Day of People with Disability, 1 December 2017. It signifies freedom, enthusiasm and the confidence to move forward. 

‘Jumper Jumper’ has become the focus of SACARE branding - and you'll see 'Jumper Jumper' as a personality on our website, in all our communication and as a key feature at all of our properties to remind our clients, residents, their families and friends that we are committed to encouraging and enabling independence for all people living with a disability. 

Opinions about 'Jumper Jumper' will vary. Some may say the image is childlike and does not reflect the age of people who access our services. At SACARE, we strive to remain nimble, progressive and forever young in our thinking, energy and creativity. We will continue to jump as high as we can to improve our performance, encourage change and create opportunities that others may not implement or consider. 

For our clients, ‘Jumper Jumper’ embodies the freedom we want them to experience, regardless of their disability or illness.