SACARE Culture

We want every member of our team to feel valued and appreciated for the work that they do. Working with people with disabilities is one of the most rewarding roles in the world and we want you to feel the support of the whole team behind you, encouraging your innovations and achievements.

Why wouldn't we do the very best we can, every day, for the people we serve."
Managing Director, Andrew Marshall

Our values are driven from the top down at SACARE and we are known for practising what we preach.

Our values are:

People are the centre of everything we do

People include our clients, their families and carers, our staff, our industry supporters – we want everyone we interact with to have a better experience because they chose SACARE. 

We are flexible, reliable and committed

We are universally flexible and committed to delivering the very best service to our clients.  We empower our workers to think beyond the “traditional” and embrace the “progressive”. Being immersed in what we do is genuinely exciting for us.

We care, so we do things differently

We care about the outcome, but we care equally about the story. Building genuine relationships across the business enables all of us to understand our shared experiences and celebrate our differences.

Positive attitudes and successful outcomes are everything

We want everyone to bring their positivity to SACARE. Jeff Keller, author of Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude - Change Your Life!, published more than two decades ago, knew this to be true, and at SACARE we know that a positive attitude can change an outcome from a 'maybe', to an ‘I DID IT!'.

If it’s not fun, don’t come

At SACARE, we want you to care. We want you to care about your job, your clients, your interactions with their families and carers, your team members. Our goal is to create a culture that inspires people to feel positive and energised about their interaction with us. 

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