Our Team

Our team of qualified, committed, and professional staff love what they do, and it shows. We understand that our presence in someone’s life can make or break their day and we firmly believe it’s not what we do…it’s how we do it.  

Meet some of our team below:

The SACARE Executive and Senior Management Team

Chloe Kempe General Manager- Business Development & Culture
Alex Marshall General Manager - Special Projects and Technology
Laleh Rej General Manager - Service Delivery
Dustin Clowes General Manager – Corporate Services
Klade Thomas Manager - Clinical Services
Francine Musolino Client Relationship Manager
Natley Barclay Group Accommodation Manager
John Gilligan Mental Health Nurse
Liz Basic HR Manager
Mags Raw NDIS Specialist
Alex Killey
Alex Killey Business Development Manager
Michelle Caston Group Accommodation Manager
Service Coordination Team Service Coordination
Pheobe Canine Manager

The SACARE Board

Monika Leniger
Monika Leniger Chair of the Board
Andrew Marshall Managing Director
Sue Marshall
Sue Marshall Board Member
Lachie Marshall
Lachie Marshall Board Member
Peter Manos
Peter Manos Board Member

Current Job Opportunities