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Why Watching the Olympics Has Been Really good for us by Alice Waterman

After the year that we just had last year watching the Olympics has been good for all of us because the Olympics show us that there are lots of good people in this world.  Watching the Olympics helps us to see that we can do anything if we put our minds to it.

The Olympics shows some of the worlds fittest and strongest people. They show us if we get up and move we will be feeling much better, both our physical and mental health.

It was especially great to see a famous Olympian put their mental health first. Simone Biles is a great role model who shows us that even top athletes can get anxiety and looking after our mental health is the most important thing, even more, important than their sports.

The Olympics are full of inspiring stories… some stories where they weren’t favoured to win, but they put their mind to it, believed in themselves and won gold for their country. It’s a great way to draw us out of our daily lives and worries, and show that dreams can come true for those who work hard.

The Olympics also gives us an insight into other countries and how they live their everyday life.

 Watching the games exposes you to lots of new sports, some you may never have heard of! You might even find your next new sports passion.

The coverage of the Olympics also shows us how fantastic it is to have a good support network. The families of Olympians often give up a lot to support their children and how much they love their children to do things like move away to a new state. It’s great to see the coverage of the families too, and the teams support networks! Shows how much time and effort goes into reaching the Olympics. The Olympics also shows us the beauty of making your own family. Family doesn’t have to be your birth family; a family could be your friends and your teammates. Having people around you believing, can mean so much and having their love and support can be enough to support you through anything.

 It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, it shows the power of hard work and determination. Watching the Olympics inspires us as humans if we push ourselves, we can do anything.

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