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What is Occupational Therapy? It’s now at SACARE!

SACARE has introduced Occupational Therapy to support our clients in achieving functional and meaningful goals. 

SACARE’s Therapy Clinicians and Assistants work inclusively with its participants and the people in their life, including families, friends and individual support coordinators to help them to support your goals and outcomes.

The collaborative nature of THRIVE has demonstrated outcomes that create long-lasting positive impacts for our participants. Having THRIVE’s therapists attend your home enables them to work collaboratively in creating tailored programs that directly address your day-to-day environment.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Meet Tammie, SACARE’s Senior Occupational Therapist: 

Tammie is our senior occupational therapist who completed Masters in Occupational Therapy in 2008 at UniSA. Tammie started working at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre in 2008 in a variety of roles including Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, Medical Rehabilitation Unit and Orthopaedic and Amputee Rehabilitation Unit. In 2009, Tammie transferred to the RAH general medical unit for experience within an acute hospital facility. In 2011 she was then transferred back to Hampstead Rehabilitation centre sub-acute facility where she had a senior OT role on the Medical Rehabilitation Unit, Reliever position and then went onto the Spinal Injury unit in 2012 onwards. She later became part of the community based outreach team to assist with transition home from HRC and community based intervention.

Tammie’s clinical skills include:

  • Knowledge of acute, sub-acute and community based services in various areas as mentioned above.
  • Developing skills in upper limb therapy upper limb supports and splinting.  Tammie also has extensive experience in sensory, cognitive and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assessments, home modifications and pressure care management. 
  • Accredited FIM (Functional Independence Measure) assessor.
  • AMPS trained- Assessment of Motor and Processing Skills training completed.
  • Working with adult with disability including those with highly complex needs.
  • Objective assessment and intervention with individuals dealing with a significant functional change post injury.
  • Specialised wheelchair assessment and prescription and in-depth postural evaluation.
  • Disability access and major home modification design to enhance safety, independence and function (all ages).
  • Assisting with prescription of complex equipment.
  • Experience in adult disability including equipment prescription (including wheelchairs) and home modifications. 
  • Experience in manual handling, manual transfer assessments and plans, pressure care assessments and activities of daily living (ADL) assessments.
  • Worked with many NDIS participants, providing occupational therapy services for those living in the community with a disability.  This has included those with very complex needs with intervention ranging from equipment and home modification prescription, seating assessments and wheelchair prescription through to activities of daily living assessments, functional assessments and accommodation options.

What Tammie is looking forward to with SACARE:

Tammie is looking forward to working with new clients to help them to achieve their goals and enabling them to improve functional gains. Tammie’s also excited to deliver SACARE’s new THRIVE Therapy Services which will aim to support participants to achieve their goals through a multi-disciplinary approach.

If you would like to learn more about our Tammie can reach you or your loved ones functional goals, email 

All Occupational Therapy participants of SACARE will have access to our world-class facilities at The Gums. CLICK HERE for more information.