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What I Hope Life Will Look Like for People with Disabilities In 10 Years

Accessibility awareness is definitely growing in Australia. We’re also seeing tech, clothing and other industries become more accessible- but things aren’t perfect just yet!

This month Alice has been reflecting on what is like to live her life with a disability and what she would like to see improve in the next 10 years.

What I Hope Life Will Look Like for People with Disabilities In 10 Years

By Alice Waterman

In 10 year’s time, it would be fantastic if businesses like restaurants and cafes had really good knowledge about accessibility. I hope that ramps, lifts and extra-wide doorways become standard practice for businesses like shops, or libraries, movies and even nights clubs and bars!

 I hope that in the future travel will be much easier for people in wheelchairs like me. Ideally, hotels would hire lifters in their accessible rooms. Travel agents could help organise support workers in other states, and even know all of the best accessible tourist destinations.

It would be great to one day see planes with a lifter and the capacity to take wheelchairs on board. All of these things would make travel much better for people who have a disability.

It would be amazing if there were travel tour groups designed for young people who have a disability, maybe one day!

I hope that in the future local councils, clubs and events in the community will have more activities for people who have a disability. Right now, it is a little tricky to find community events that are advertised as 100% accessible – so I’d love more of those!

This could be helped by local councils informing business and event holders on how to become more accessible. Being more accessible would be beneficial as word will spread amongst the community that they are wheel-chair friendly. Meaning that they will get more business - it’s a win, win!

 I would love to say that making the world more accessible really isn’t too hard, and it will benefit so many people!