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SACARE and MND Fundraising Event

Some great work in the local Messenger promoting the MND SA event. The Walk to d'Feet MND fundraising event is on this coming Sunday and SACARE is proud to be a sponsor.

Cost: $30 and under-10 children free. Register on the day or at

Read the full article below, or check it out at The AdelaideNow Website here.

Messenger Press article on Walk to d'Feet MND

AS ROBERT Colliver stands near the shore at West Beach the storm clouds grow darker behind him.

These clouds will soon pass but Mr Colliver has another cloud hanging over him. The 62 year old was diagnosed with motor neurone disease just under two years ago but, despite the aggressive nature of the incurable illness, he says he is determined to not let it get the better of him.

“You’ve just got to keep on fighting,” he says. 

Motor neurone is an incurable neurological disease in which the nerve cells controlling a person’s muscles gradually die. Life expectancy is generally two to five years after diagnosis. The Bellevue Heights resident’s battle with the disease, known by sufferers as “the beast”, began when he started to get a limp on his nightly hour-long walk.

This Sunday the Walk to D-Feet MND will take place at West Beach to raise funds and awareness for sufferers in South Australia. Mr Colliver did the 4km walk in 2016 but is no longer able to take part. He does, however, plan to continue working as a building-design lecturer for as long as he can while raising awareness for MND. “We just have to keep making people aware and the more people that get involved, the more money that can be raised, the more research that can be done,” he says. “Eventually they will hopefully find a cure or at least treatment for it.” The walk is organised by MND SA, which relies on community donations to provide funding for research and support. More than 800 people are already registered to take part.

Walk to D-Feet MND, from 11am Sunday at Adelaide Sailing Club, 9 Barcoo Rd,

West Beach.

Cost: $30 and under-10 children free. Register on the day or at