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Showcasing innovative services and building your network: SACARE CONNECT

As a new initiative in 2021, sacare are presenting a series of free events for Support Coordinators to inform and widen networks.

The disability sector in South Australia is rapidly growing and we've designed these events to shine a spotlight on services that have been developed to empower lives. There are an incredible number of providers around Adelaide who are creating innovative opportunities for people living with a disability. All of the guest speakers for these events are working hard to create meaningful and rewarding services.

We also include a healthy dash of networking and a helping of the sacare sparkle we’re known for. (We also don’t want to brag too much- but 9/10 attendees would recommend these events to other Support Coordinators!)

"I was absolutely amazed at the event, I learnt incredible amounts of information, everyone was lovely and kind, it was so great to network. It was such a wonderful event.”

              - Sophie, Anglicare SA

At our very first event we invited Tori and Scott Marshall from Lift Up Voices, and Pete Wilson from Determined 2 to be our guest speakers. They provide two very different services with one common goal: enhancing the lives of people with a disability. 

Pete’s multi-award-winning company Determined 2 presents the world-first therapeutic service, ‘Immersion Therapy’. Immersion Therapy™ was developed to offer freedom of movement within the weightless environment of underwater using SCUBA equipment. Pete is one of the most passionate personalities you will come across in the South Australian disability community. We LOVED having him here and learning about his ground-breaking work.

Co- founders of Lift Up Voices (L.U.V) Tori and Scott Marshall talked about their inclusive programs which incorporate singing, songwriting, recording, production, music and podcasting, designed to build confidence and social connection. Besides blowing us away with the obvious talents of themselves and their team; they also blew us away with their innovative service. L.U.V is unique in Adelaide and it was a thrill to hear how much their participants excel from the program. 

We’re in the process of locking in some exciting guests for our next eventmake sure to follow us on Facebook to be the first to find out about the next sacare Connect.