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Need a Career Change? Become a Support Worker!

After the few years we've had there are more and more people looking for a new, rewarding career. We think that becoming a Support Worker could be the perfect change of pace for lots of people!

There are many reasons why becoming a Support Worker will make a positive impact on your life – here’s some of our favourite reasons:

Make a Real Difference
By becoming a support worker you’re making a real, measurable difference to the lives of people you provide care to and their families. You’ll also be making a positive difference to yourself by leading a fuller and more compassionate life. 

Job Satisfaction
This job is incredibly rewarding. The relationships you will form with your clients and their families will push you to be better at your job, and understand how to tailor your care to each person. Seeing your care and support enrich the lives of your patients is incredibly rewarding and for many is the reason they get up every day. 

What You do Matters
Working as a support worker for SACARE is far more than just a job. This position gives you a sense of purpose because your work is so important to the people you support and their families. Our job is to make lives easier and support independence and enrichment wherever possible. 

Personal Development
You will learn so much in this position beyond just your training. You’ll learn from the people you work with and the people you work for. Being a support worker is an eye-opening experience as you are given the opportunity to work with a range of people from all walks of life with varying support needs. 

Variation in Your Day to Day
Support workers are required to work in the home of the people they are supporting rather than in a care home. This enables a constant change of scenery in your day-to-day work. On top of this your work largely depends on your patient and their wants and needs which means the care you provide is constantly changing and evolving allowing you to be constantly learning and adapting. 

Career Progression
The social care sector is rapidly growing and the opportunities for career progression are varied. This position gives you the chance to build your career in the care sector. You’ll learn a range of transferable skills and training and as you gain experience you will be able to gain responsibility as a senior support worker or manager. 

Sacare have plenty of Support Worker roles available right now, head on over to ‘Work With Us’ to apply!