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My Dream House Design

Interior design can be a tricky thing, especially when you have to take accessibility into consideration. Colours, textures and the general feel of a space have to be heavily considered before you even start. It can really be quite difficult when you don’t know where to start! Luckily for us, Alice Waterman has written a guide to her dream house, including accessibility and energy-saving design tips! 

My Dream House Design
by Alice Waterman 

My dream house would have lots of bright colours in it. This would make my home look happy. I would have interesting bricks and façade, so my house wouldn’t look like everyone else in the neighbourhood. 

I would have wheelchair ramps so people in wheelchairs can access all of the rooms in the house. Accessibility is important in my dream house, so no one feels left out! I would also put some non-slip floors in my house for the support workers. Safety is important too, so we do not want anyone to fall down while looking after the person living there.

I would also make sure that my house has lots of natural light in it, so you can save on power and energy bill. I would also have some spaces for pets, so they feel like they are a part of the family. I would also make sure that my house is near public transport stops such as bus, or train. I would also make sure that my house is not too far away from the main city, so I don’t have to wait too long for a taxi to come.

My house has big doors. This is important for accessibility, so a person can go to each room of their house, without having to ask people to help them open their doors. I would also make sure that my house has a big tv in each of the bedrooms, and they would be a smart tv so they could use google home to turn it on without help

I would make sure that my house has a lifter that could take me to the pool, from any room in the house – like my bathroom!

My dream house has a huge car park space so the accessible van has plenty of space to park, and be out of the weather. 

I would also make sure that my carpark has plenty of space, so if the person ever needs an ambulance, the ambulance can get in and out efficiently. 

For my final point, my biggest wish is that all houses in the future are designed for with disability accessibility in mind- so everyone can get around the spaces equally!

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