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Meet Sharon, SACARE’s Behaviour Support Practitioner

Hi there, I’m Sharon Bristow a Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner with SACARE.
I am passionate about helping people with a disability to live fulfilling and happy lives.

I am an experienced practitioner with a comprehensive set of skills in behaviour support, based on skills and knowledge derived from extensive experience in the areas of Applied Behaviour Analysis, Functional Behaviour Analysis and Positive Behaviour Support.

I have a flexible and collaborative approach to behaviour support and coupled with my people-centric focus I build cohesive teams of supports and ensuring positive outcomes for participants.

I have a Master of Teaching, including extensive knowledge of childhood development and the effects of trauma, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Intellectual Disability and other special needs and a Bachelor of Education, where I specialised in Adult Learning and Development.
 I’ve worked with many incredible participants of all ages, most of whom have complex and lifelong disabilities and their remarkable support teams and families and have aided their positive behaviours growth and quality of life.

When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with her loved ones and relaxing as well as any opportunity to squeeze in some shopping.

I hope I can work with you soon!

Sharon’s services are available to anyone, which means you do not need to be an SACARE participant to access!
If you would like to access Behaviour Support with Sharon, please email Contact Us today!