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SACARE Supporting Food For The Community

Having reliable access to affordable food is a growing problem in Australia, with 3.6 million Australian’s reported to have experienced food insecurity last year, and 27% of those (216, 000) were children. Just last year saw a 10% increase in the number of people requiring food relief. With charities and foodbanks stretched to their limits, there are so many Australian’s still left with food insecurities. 

This left us wondering, how do we help?

Food For The Community

Meet Kat, Food For The Community founder. FFTC is a not-for-profit organisation created in 2015, which provides the local community with free and heavily discounted food items to anyone in need. 

With $2 donation upon entry, anyone can come in and find bread, fruit, vegetables and pantry items that they need. Kat opens the store until the food sells out, and usually finds this is hours before she had planned to. 

Who Can Use FFTC?

There are no requirements you have to meet to come into Kat’s store, unlike many other affordable food establishments. Kat promises to provide food to anyone in need, no matter their circumstance or context. People come from all over Adelaide to buy discounted items and have a place they know they can afford to provide for their family.  

Kat uses Foodbank and bread given by Bakers Delight, but often has to buy more fruit and veg herself, because it sells out too quickly. 

Kat’s Story

Kat’s story begins with hardship and struggles throughout her life, being a single parent to 5 children. Looking after 5 energetic kids meant that time was always constrained, and limited her available work hours. Eventually, Kat ended up having to sell her business, and her home in order to have time for her lively children.

Managing her financial situation became extremely tough, so Kat looked online for help. She found a single parents Facebook group, and quickly became an active member. She started protesting to local and federal MP’s for better funding for single parents with a large group of people behind her. After years of seeing no change, she decided to take a practical stand.

From her home, Kat began giving away free food to anyone in need. She picked up food from various stores, put a sign outside, and invited anyone to come inside and take what they needed. There was an overwhelming number of people, and the food ran out in a matter of hours.

As the demand grew bigger, Kat bought a van and began delivering food hampers across Adelaide to anyone in need, for a gold coin donation.

When this grew too big, she opened Food For The Community.

Kat has future plans to open an OpShop and Coffee shop next door for anyone and everyone for free or a gold coin donation if you can afford, hopefully mid-2019. Kat also dreams of more Food for the Community stores across Adelaide to service the strong demand and so no-one is left out. 

So, How Do We Help?

Currently, Kat is in desperate need of volunteers, funding and most importantly more consistently donated food. Kat needs volunteers to help bag goods, pricing items, and picking up stock.

Kat dedicates herself to work close to 7 days a week, in hopes to create an inclusive community, where no-one has go without. She truly understands what it can be like for the disadvantaged and continues to make dramatic impacts in families lives every day with the work that she does. 


“I don’t care who you are or where you are from, everyone is welcome. I always keep my doors open.”

– Kat Lee


Click here if you'd like to read more about Kat's mission or how you can help volunteer!