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The benefits to having dogs around!

At SACARE we LOVE dogs. They come to work with us and they live at our facilities. We think that a world without dogs would be a terrible place. Not only are they cute, but they also can have a huge impact on the lives of people with a disability.

There are amazing dogs like Service dogs who help those with a disability get through day-to-day life. Seeing Eye dogs help those with vision loss navigate the world. There are other service dogs who can help people with everyday mobility by helping their owners around the home and life. Remarkably these animals help by doing such tasks as opening doors, pushing buttons and even helping bring things like items from the kitchen. There are also the other service dogs who have been trained to help calm people down and navigate life with developmental disabilities such as autism, or chronic illnesses such as seizures.

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Dogs are also often trained to be therapy dogs. These dogs are not trained to the same extent as service dogs, but are more there to provide company and a calming touch to those in need. You would most likely see a therapy dog at a hospital, in an aged care facility or even in an SACARE facility working with those who have a disability. They are usually people’s pet dogs who are calm in nature and are chosen to go and sit with people who need company and create a calming presence.

Dog therapy and the presence of dogs in general can have huge benefits on an individual. Not only for those undergoing the therapy, but also for dog owners. We have listed the top 7 reasons why dogs can have an great benefit on your life, below!


7 Benefits to having dogs around!

1. Dogs are Calming
One of the most obvious benefits is that dogs are calming! Studies have proved that dogs can lower a person’s heartrate and even cause the brain to raise the levels of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. All those ‘happy’ chemicals work in the brain to calm a person down, and make them happier in general!

2. You’ll get fitter
Having a dog around puts pressure on people to get out to walk and play with them. Dogs need physical and mental stimulation, otherwise things can get a little bit crazy… which means that you’re forced to get moving and exercising. Whether it be to the park or just a walk around the block, this bit of exercise is great for both you and pup.

(Chug and Leeroy enjoy a run on the treadmill!)

3. Dogs love unconditionally
Our furry friends have big ol’ hearts and just want you to love them and show them affection, the same way they do for you. Dogs are also one of very few animals that are not scared of strangers, in fact they love them too! This means that they are able to bond quickly and make you feel all of the warm fuzzies.

4. Social connection
The combination of getting out of the house with doggy, and them loving strangers is an awesome way to meet and connect with people. If you have ever been to a dog park, you’ll notice that the owners often chat with each other about their dogs. Dogs also often approach strangers, which leads to meeting new people too. 

5. Dogs can create greater empathy within people
Dogs care and love unconditionally, which grows strong bonds and teaches you to care about others. Studies have shown that when children grow up around dogs they have a stronger emotional intelligence and can relate and understand to others better. 

(Charmer Leroy, spending some quality time with Laura and Alex)

6. Boosting self-esteem & confidence
Dogs unconditionally love, so people tend to open-up and talk to their dogs. For people who may struggle to express themselves it can be a calm way to come out of their shell and learn to express their emotions. Dogs can’t respond, but they can offer the emotion of being heard which is important. It has also been proved that dogs have empathy and an intuitive nature, which means that a person can learn to express themselves without judgement and feel emotions of acceptance.

7.They are Hilarious!
And if none of the other reason are good enough, having dogs around just means that you will be constantly amused. The video below proves that even the highly trained service dogs can keep their owners entertained.


If you're a client of SACARE, or a staff member you are welcome to attend our Dog Therapy day on Friday the 31st of August. For more info please call us on 1300 145 636.

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