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Clickability- The New Way to Review!

Have you heard about SACARE’s new profile on reviewing website Clickability?


Well, you’re in the place to find out all about it!

Clickability is a web-based reviews service which was founded in 2014, specifically for the Disability Services Industry. By having a large amount of reviewable services in the one spot it has created a Disability Service Directory, which is exactly how Clickability describes themselves.

But WHY should I care?

Reviews are a great way to get information from people who have tried and tested the service.

Reviewing is also a powerful way to share your experiences (good or bad!) with people who may be looking.

Compare it to going out to a restaurant for dinner, you probably wouldn’t want to go to a restaurant with a two star rating and a load of bad reviews…

Well this is exactly the same, but for your disability provider!

When it comes to service, accommodation and support you want to know that you are choosing a good provider from the get go. AND that’s why people may look to reviews.


Ok. I get it now. I would like to leave a review, how can I do this?

You can directly leave a review on SACARE’s Clickability profile here:

You can also leave a review over the phone by calling Clickability on 1800 414 616, or fill in this online form

Otherwise you can do it by postal form, just give us a call at head office (ph: 1300 145 636) and we will get one to you.

Right now SACARE has TEN whole reviews (and counting) and we would love more, so please get reviewing today!