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Adelaide’s exciting ‘comfort lounge’ for carers at the Royal Adelaide Show presented by sacare!

A special space for special needs.

Our exciting ‘comfort lounge’ for carers at the Royal Adelaide Show.

South Australia’s disability community receives the ultimate show experience!

The hustle and bustle of the Adelaide Show is exciting and, at times, overwhelming. For our community with sensory sensitivities or complex medical needs, it may be too much for some.

The challenges faced navigating the Show with wheelchairs, finding a hygienic space to administer medications or special feeding requirements meant for some of our community, sometimes, the easier option may be to just stay at home.

Until this year!

We are excited to work together with the Adelaide Show to host “The Carers Lounge”. A thoughtfully created space for carers, support workers, families, and people with disability to unwind or tend to medical requirements in comfort, quiet and with dignity.

From lived experience to a relaxing experience.

An idea sparked by one of our staff, frustrated with the lack of private, clean places to feed her son through a special tube directly into his tummy. She discussed this need with the team at sacare and we have taken the idea and made it a reality! 

sacare's CEO Chloe Kempe explains “There will be a sensory space for children and adults wanting to take time out from the noise and excitement of the show,” Chloe says "It will be fully fitted out with high-tech multisensory equipment, kindly donated by Link Assistive, it will feature interactive screens, bubble tubes, fibre optic lights and a ‘magic carpet’.

“Adjoining the multi-sensory room will be a kitchen and lounge area with complimentary coffee, an area for feed and medicine preparation, medical equipment cleaning and comfortable seating to administer medications and food.”

Next door to this we have created an accessible change room complete with a height adjustable change table, hoist, and all the mod cons for both carer and person with disability to tend to personal needs in a hygienic and comfortable setting.

Collaboration brings comfort and consideration for carers.

The “Carers Lounge” is a collaboration of sacare and The Royal Adelaide Show to bring inclusion to the fun and festivities to the well loved heritage annual event. 

Our aim is to give our disability community the same access and experience that everyone has a right to. With a reputation for asking ‘how to’ instead of accepting ‘what is’, sacare are bold and dynamic in our delivery of services and accommodation settings. 

The “Carers Lounge” is free to access and sure to reunite ALL Adelaide families and friends. We’re excited to see you there!

Open from 9am to 9pm daily, you can find us next to The Learning Centre and Tasting SA.

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