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A Warm 'Welcome Back' to Expos

The flyers are displayed, and the merchandise positioned.  Looking at my colleagues from across the room, it was great to be together again.

Two weeks ago, we were invited to be a part of the Afford Disability Expo where disability services providers came together to discuss their services and connect with the disability sector and Participants.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, these expos were few and far between.

To have the opportunity to be out and about with colleagues and the disability community was electric.

It was great to see the diverse range of services that South Australia Providers have in the disability community.  

We have some very clever people in our State creating services that are innovative, unique, and person-centred.  These services are being created by listening to what Participants in the sector want and need. We also have seen services emerge that have been initially designed for the mainstream population now adapting to become inclusive for disability.   We also have services moving into much needed regional areas.

To see organisations openly support other organisations and sharing service and directing people to other services is a great achievement for our industry.  One I hope we can keep up.

As I say services providers are like personalities you must find the one that fits you.  It is important to shop around and look at the values of an organisation to see if they align with yours.  

It would be great to see more councils across our state hosting expos for their communities and inviting service providers.  This is an opportunity for collaboration, communication, employment, and service sharing in the Disability sector. It also supports people living with disability to have a strong knowledge of service in our State.  

Thank you to Afford for hosting the event and making all service provider feel included.  Welcome to South Australia.

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