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A place to call home, in time for Christmas

Media Release 12/12/2018

sacare is looking forward to making dreams come true this Christmas as it prepares to welcome a number of long-term hospital patients to its newest accommodation, The Gums.

sacare approached SA Health with a solution that would give these people a place to call home in time for Christmas.

All have highly complex needs, with many needing 24-hour support. They may be ventilator-dependent, have an acquired brain injury, or be recovering from a stroke, and all have one thing in common - they no longer need to be in a hospital bed.

Our team of specialist nurses and health professionals are ready to continue their care in a welcoming, independent environment that they can call home for as long as they need.

The Gums at Salisbury, which opens its doors this month, is state-of-the-art supported accommodation offering a very real solution to many people who have been long-term patients in the public health system, for a fraction of the cost.

The Gums offers a viable solution to people living with complex needs. There is a very real challenge facing many people within the acute health system today in South Australia. We recognise that our specialist accommodation is a real and viable solution for them, it also eases the pressure on the public health system.

Our team is ready to welcome these patients. They can be discharged into our supported independent living before Christmas – what a wonderful gift to give.

Imagine being in hospital for more than a year and, finally, in time for Christmas, you are in your own private unit, in a wonderful and nurturing environment, receiving the very best care.

The Gums will open on December 17, immediately welcoming a number of existing SACARE clients. The property is located in Salisbury and more information about The Gums can be found at