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A day in my Busy Life by Alice Waterman

Alice Waterman lives an very action packed life. From work to her social life she barely gets a moment to herself! 

But what does a normal day look like for Alice? Well! She has very kindly shared what that looks like.

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 A day in my busy life by Alice Waterman
On a normal workdays, I wake up at 5:30am. It’s an early start, but I have to get up and get ready! From here my Nurse and Support Worker help me get ready for the day. I have a few personal care things I need a hand with then I jump in the shower.

 After my shower I get dressed for work, then I get up into my chair so I can have my breakfast. For my breakfast I have fruit with yogurt and oats I love to also have a glass of juice on the side!

 After I brush my teeth and then we hop in the car to go to work.  I work for Blend Creative a design company. At Blend I work with a diverse team of people as they hire lots of people with disabilities. I love working there.

At about 12:30 I get home from work, have lunch and often watch Masterchef – its one of my favourites! If Masterchef isn’t on, I like to listen to audiobooks or do quizzes. I then have a little afternoon nap at about 2:30, as it’s pretty exhausting getting up at 5:30 am …

By this time, it’s almost dinner! So I like to go and catch up with my friends in the house, or send my other friends a message. After dinner I like to read my comic books or play card games. 

And then it’s off to bed to start my day all over again the next day!