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5 of the Best Disability Inclusive Tech Innovations in 2021

In a rapidly changing world, the arrival of new and emerging technologies promises to make the world more accessible and inclusive for those living with a disability. Access to Information and Communications Technology is important, a fundamental right for all human beings, for learning, self-improvement, and inclusion. In the fast-growing market of digital assistive technologies, there is a risk that people living with a disability are being left behind. The speed in which technology is updated has made it increasingly difficult for regulators to keep up. Constant ongoing monitoring is required to ensure that digital technologies are made accessible and inclusive. 

In order to reduce the gaps between access to digital technology, it is crucial that those with a disability are consulted and engaged in the development of these technologies; to be able to voice their thoughts, share knowledge and present their vision for the enhancement of digital accessibility, ensuring that no one is left behind. Meanwhile, there are a few companies that are nailing the accessibility tech game!

Here are some of the assistive technologies that are enabling participation and inclusion for people with disability in 2021:

1. ‘Accessible Places’ in Google Maps 

In May of last year, Google announced that ‘google maps will show places that are wheelchair accessible. With the Accessible Places” feature enabled, locations of interest and businesses with wheelchair-accessible entrances marked with a wheelchair icon along with information about whether accessible seating, restrooms, and parking are available.  

2. Skyle for iPad

Early last year, the world's first eye tracker for iPad Pro was released. “Skyle has been specifically created to utilise the power of the iPad Pro, turning it into an AAC device that can be controlled completely with your eyes. Offering the perfect solution for people with conditions such as cerebral palsy, ALS, Rett syndrome or spinal cord injury.”

3. Microsoft XBOX 
Xbox is leading the charge in gaming accessibility. It's new 'Adaptive Controller' is designed to make gaming accessible to those with limited mobility. “Nothing should come between you and the games you love.” Xbox strives to eliminate barriers and to empower gamers to play the way they play.

4. The Y-Brush

Brushing teeth is a simple daily routine for most of us, but for those with a disability it can be a challenge, that is until now. Dentists have created the world’s first brush taking only 10 seconds to use from start to finish. That’s right, you can say goodbye to your 3-minute brushing regime.  

5. Voice4U

Voice4U is a game-changing app that helps people who are non-verbal express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings again in a way that is more personal and fun.  Its designed to be simple to use and is innovative because it gives you a range of voices to choose from.

We look forward to seeing what how technology will change and empower inclusion going into the future.

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