Find Home Care for People with Disabilities at SACARE

Living with a disability is always a challenge, and home care can help affected individuals remain more independent and enjoy a greater quality of life. Whether the disability was present at birth or is the result of an accident or medical condition, SACARE more

Enhance Your Independence with Disability Home Care

If you or someone you love is in need of assistance with regular daily activities, such as dressing, grooming, cooking, or transportation, then disability home care can provide the help you need. At SACARE, we offer disability home care services in Adelaide more

Empower Your Loved One with In-Home Care Services

Living life with different abilities is always a challenge, but in-home care services can be a tremendous help. If you have a loved one with a disability, whether they were born with it or acquired it as a result of a medical condition or injury, you should know that more

Find Specialist Disability Accommodation Services for Students at SACARE

The university years are years of peak freedom and opportunity for many students. So much growth happens in these years, and not just regarding education. Students also forge paths of self-discovery and independence that shape who they want to be and more.

SACARE: Providing Disability Housing, Advocacy and Other Services in the Adelaide Area

At SACARE, we believe that people with disabilities should be able to live independently. We believe that people with disabilities should be able to pursue the same educational and professional opportunities as anyone else. We believe that more.

Are You Interested in Working with In Home Disability Care Service Providers? SACARE Can Help

Whether a person is born with a disability or develops one due to an injury or a medical condition, independence almost always becomes a key concern. On the one hand, it’s important to maintain independence in whatever ways possible. Anyone can more.

How SACARE Offers Optimal Independent Living and Home Living Options and Support for Individuals with Disabilities

At SACARE, we believe that every person should have the option for independent living. Our slogan is ‘the difference in disability,’ and we chose that phrase because we carry a unique belief that individuals with disabilities can live more.

Get the Support You Deserve from Disability Services through an Independent Supported Living Program

Too often care for people with disabilities, especially complicated issues, focuses on implementing a broad program that consists largely of efforts one might term "maintenance mode." In other words, the care you receive doesn't focus on your whole more.

Exploring Options for Accommodation from an NDIS Provider? Contact SACARE for Friendly Advice

Disability is a complex and multi-faceted issue. Often, the circumstances for two individuals with the same or a very similar injury or illness will be drastically different. For these reasons, efforts to implement broad disability care programs more.

The Key Benefits You'll Find When You Consider Providers of Supported Living Accommodation Services

For individuals living with a disability, facing challenges, and learning how to confront them is a fact of life. Not every home has the proper equipment for creating a comfortable, accessible space, and not every neighbourhood is convenient more.

Find Housing and Transitional Care Management with Supported Independent Living Services

Good transitional housing nurtures and revitalises our guests. We take a caring and understanding approach to everyone who joins us. Our services include long-term living for those with disabilities as well as transitional living for those who are in recovery. The Gums, our more.

Arrange Ventilator Dependant Home Living and Disability Supported Accommodation Care for Dependent Patients in Adelaide

SACARE uniquely offers ventilator dependant home living. We proudly offer this high-quality service to our clients in Adelaide. At our state-of-the-art facility, the Gums, we engage the Ventilator Dependency Model for our clients who need a great deal of assistance. While not everyone more.